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Developing a digitized regional cancer research infrastructure

NCCC consortium is aligned with Horizon Europe EU Mission agenda by developing a digitized regional cancer research infrastructure, including support and commitments from public and private sources.
Part of upscaling and digitalisation of services, innovation in diagnostics and interventions, developing the electronic file of cancer patients will represent an essential tool for translational research projects, especially for projects focused on prognosis and treatment prediction. Moreover, by developing specific digital form applications for palliative interventions,  the quality of cancer patients’ lives will be better monitored and improved.
This integrative research for developing Tumor Molecular Board service, by using state-of-the-art approaches, including multi-omics data, AI, machine learning and deep learning approaches to facilitate a better understanding of cancer for administration of personalized combinatorial therapies.

Development of NCCC is based on the implementation of 5 RDI projects, whose objectives are interconnected between private and public partners, with interdisciplinary fields, so that the main goal of this consortium is to be achieved.

Project 3

Development of the Romanian Network for Cancer Research
Organizations involved:
  • UPB
  • IOCN
  • IVB
  • SFN
  • Netvibes SRL

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