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Developing and implementation
of a Competence Center in Cancer

NCCC is based on a consortium of public and private entities, according to Romania’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), Pylon III,  section I5. Establishment and operationalization of Competence Centers PNRR-III-C9-2022 – I5. Development of NCCC is based on the implementation of 5 RDI projects, whose objectives are interconnected between private and public partners, with interdisciplinary fields, so that the main goal of this consortium is to be achieved.

An innovative community-based RDI that unites all aspects of community life related to EU mission Cancer, as well as an expanding number of RDI activities, all with the aim of assisting in the transition to personalised medicine. We will contribute to the complementarity with all other EU Missions as there are numerous comprehensive organizations within the EU Cancer Mision. The NCCC Consortium are 5 interrelated RDI projects, and their LPs have experience in implementing national and international research projects.